Thursday, June 7, 2012

From The Vault - A Game

I managed to keep the sketch of a concept packaging art for a game. Yes, I do sketch on paper, something you might want to do from time to time.

A little back story:
There was supposed to be a game in development last time I was with an animation studio, a  mobile app that you could play with other subscribers using contact lists as targets and allies, rather cool if you ask me. But this didn't make it to the development, and the project, don't know how it ended, or if it made the publication (another case of people handling the project with no vision nor the audacity to learn anything about the gaming community and the current trends with it) and I kept the this concept instead. Maybe I'll give this to Rose Tan, if I ever get around to finishing this that would fit her novels. It has a LOVE feel to it, now that I look back.

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