Thursday, November 12, 2015


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These two weeks was gruelling.

And I don't say it like, to exaggerate and jump in with the click-bait trend across the interwebs.

I mean gruelling.

It's tough to sort out through everything I've done so far and select works that are worthy of attracting patronage. In between these tasks is to write more, to continue those stories I've began to put into words instead of just letting them lolling and rolling around my mind. Add the pressure of just selling something cheap and forgettable. It was spearheaded when a friend suggested we do coloring books for adults. And now it ended up with me wanting to do creative artwork and not just drawing stuff to fill the void.

So, thank heavens, I still have some good friends to point me in the right direction, nudge some dormant creativity, and help outbwith the business side of things.

Now I am seeking sponsors and investors to support this huge leap of faith (or fate, I don't really care which is the right term). In order for me to publish I'll need some serious funding, and to support these patrons I need to create more.

So while chatting online with a very, very talented artist, I bumped into a crowdsourcing place within the web.

And the rest, would be, will be, me taking on the monumental task of putting out drawings, and stories and cover art that would merit patronage.

Challenge accepted.

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