Friday, February 5, 2016

I recently relaunched y Komiks Portrait Illustrations. Just because.

Also, the accumulated studies and sketches, not to forget, the stories and ideas written down are in dire need of execution.

And beause about ten days ago, more or less, I came this close to what could have been fatal, had I not been sitting close to the front of the bus, which is a place I usually avoid when I taking long trips, and believe me, Pacita to Monumento is a long trip, both in terms of distance and traffic movement.

But I digress. I'm doing comic portrait again beause it's good training, contrary to what people who doesn't know how to draw, and look down on us artists who do this kind of stuff.

Ei, I augmented my college eduction, however short, while accepting drawings. So booyah, you'e just jealous you can't create anything without electronic help.

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