Thursday, October 29, 2015

It's All About The Details

Myth, Lore and Legend Coloring Book Cover

Maybe it's because I wanted to start things right. Maybe I wanted to put out my own Adult coloring book with the right treatment.  Maybe I'm just nervous at coming out with my own.

The truth is, going into detail has led me to nitpicking my work. My illustrations are influenced, however thinly, by old woodcuts and I wanted to capture that for this publication and with my other work currently in development.

Things like preparations for printing, making sure the black is actually 100% black so that it will come out with all the thick lines and the thinnest line with the same tone and not having a faded apperance of a photograph. These things you get to understand once you dig in and listen to someone who knows. 

Bleeds and mark points.


Two color and four color.

"Plantsa" and negatives.

Color Separation.

All printing stuff most artist tend to ignore and be full of ourselves once we finish our masterpieces, we can't be bothered with the other details.

And I need to know these things. It may help me in how I execute new works that would be effective in print.

It's all about the details.

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