Sunday, October 25, 2015

Prepping Illustrations for Coloring Book

It may not look like it, but preparing an illustration for printing takes a lot of detailing and digital processing. Most artists would just draw or illustrate and leave all the proper treatment to their artwork to the color separation crew and the printers.

Which is why I am taking the reigns with this project. I have a fascination with woodcut and would really like to capture that grittiness with my drawings. But that isn't always the case. Because some drawings tend to have clean lines while others need some more attention.

Also, for better, more professional output, I use both Ps and Ai to finalize each drawing. The patterns and embellishment I can now create at will and replicate these for my own.  And thanks to these wonderful tools, I resurrected some old artwork and gave them  new life. But the details, like I mentioned before, takes more of the processing. Most people would just have their artwork scanned and submitted, never taking into consideration what could be learned by knowing what the printing would require. Good to know I have friends who can assist me in these aspects of production. Stuff like making sure the lines are black and not 90% black, or choosing the right paper for the pages themselves and for the cover, and which materials would be cost effective while retaining the quality of the artwork.

And I have just finished processing all illustrations for my Myth, Lore and Legend Coloring Book for GrownUps . The image shown above is one of my new creations.

And I have more on the drawing table so tyhat vol.2 will not be far behind.

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