Monday, June 18, 2012

From Scratch 001

The armor is not exactly what I had in mind, so I'm still looking at references. There are lots of historical armor and fictional that I have to sort, plus I want it to look "in-character". From the pencil sketches, which I will scan and post, I'm falling in love with the metal workers and craftsman who have made such intricately detailed ceremonial and battle armor that kings and knights have donned through the ages. There are cultural styles that need to be incorporated so it's really a slow process.

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This project was supposed to be a commercial one, but that is going nowhere so, I'm making this my own. Makes staying at home enjoyable.

For purposes of sharing this with others who might want to know:
PsD is A3 = 27.9cm x 43.2cm [11in x 17in] @ 240dpi
(or you could jack it up to 300dpi for print)

Since uploading for web viewing means you have to shave off some pixels, I usually process by using the Save-For-Web on the tools menu. The image is now @ 72dpi.

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