Sunday, June 17, 2012

From Scratch 000

Looks like this one I will have to do and finish for myself now. I tweaked the anatomy a bit, and decided to do a bit more research with the raiment and armor, some more detailing and proper clothing. Those, and the right way to restart this project is underway. I just had to show you what has been changed so far. 

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Now that I look at this, I have concluded this idea was from a real, live person, though not as shapely and daring, but the idea of a tough but fragile looking, and often mysterious woman is really someone I know. maybe she'll see herself after this is over and done with.

For purposes of sharing this with others who might want to know:
PsD is A3 = 27.9cm x 43.2cm [11in x 17in] @ 240dpi
(or you could jack it up to 300dpi for print)

Since uploading for web viewing means you have to shave off some pixels, I usually process by using the Save-For-Web on the tools menu. The image is now @ 72dpi.

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