Saturday, May 28, 2016

WiP - Ang Paalam ni Mapolan Masalanta Kay Dagulang Ba-It

Pen, Brush & Ink
Vellum Board
297mm x 420mm
[29.7cm x 42cm]

I have a problem with scale. In my story, Dagulang Ba-It is as big as a Typical full scale Kubo, and Mapolan Masalanta is a towering 10 feet compared to the typical human height. I saw that my banana heart is somewhat gigantic, but that will be corrected as soon as I get the rest of the set piece done.

There was a part in the story when Mapolan Masalanta was so heartbroken over her unrequitted love for a Tagailog that she chose to be a recluse and shun humanity entirely, but not without saying goodbye to her constant companion and protector Dagulang Ba-it, which also is heartbroken over the entire matter . . .
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