Saturday, March 12, 2016

In Color

I was never into coloring my work. I mean, I have no faith in coloring my art. Sure I could pencil stuff, I could ink. But when it comes to adding color, I felt like I'm still doing anime in-betweens and I pretty much spent several years avoiding that way of drawing.

But a friend, someone I have worked with at TV5 asked me to collaborate with this project. I am in the middle of writing and illustrating my books, so I needed the extra income so why the hell not right?

I got scared. because back when we were doing simulation drawings for the news, those were really quick penciled drawings and haphazardly colored to fit the motion graphics and those were the days we worked fast, really fast to make the on-air time.

But I like komiks, yes comics spelled with a K, because I love them, the rough and limited colors of every printed serials I read when I was young. 

And I think my inking is getting better all the time, so I agreed.
And I just did what I know would fit the way I draw, whcich is very old school, even if I do process them through Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. With Illustrator, I enhance the scanned inked drawing and it comes out like woodcuts. Then layering in Photoshop gives me ampkle space to paint colors.

Also, I do digital doodles in my spare time and lo and behold, they fit right in with this tv show, these backgrounds are also from my stash.
These drawings can be seen at the start of every Madramarama Presents Ahh-Darna on GMA7's Sunday Pinasaya. I rarely watch tv nowadays, because I don't feel the need for it anymore. but this particular segment has Valeen Montenegro in it which I could say is cool, because I loved her when I was with TV5. No She doesn't know me.
Mike does one hell of a job with the motion graphics and editing for the show and I was pleased to see he got the komiks feel right down pat.

I still have several episodes to do before this gig is through. So I'm improving as I go along.

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