Sunday, August 26, 2012

Workplace + Habitat

I was just into doing my Phantomanok illustration studies when my tablet just conked out on me. It wasn't really the tab itself but the cable. Must've disconnected something inside. I whipped out some paper and pen and doodled and sketched and a Tikbalang came to view.

Well, not the Tikbalang some movies and tv soaps try to sell, but more of the Tikbalang, that cryptid whose head resembles that of a horse, taller than any human, and legs large and powerful, which I imagined would be more horse-like.

But I refuse to subscribe to popular beliefs and views. I really think Tikbalangs are more mysterious and , well, definitely not the typecast. They should be monstrous yet interesting, wild and magical.

Excuse the images' blurry resolution, I only have a MyPhone. I don't really need a camera with it, but now I think I just might need one with a better resolution.

So Phantomanok will get it's life through the time tested method - old school pen and paper - which probably is for the best since I am more proficient with it.

The video was from my mobile phone too. It's where I live when I am in the city, and doubles as my creative studio. That's Silence of The Lambs playing in the background.

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