Thursday, August 23, 2012

Rediscover: Phantomanok

Phantomanok Sketch A Day 000

Phantomanok is an almost forgotten comics (komiks) series of my childhood. Published on Liwayway Magazine in the early 70s, written by Rodie Marte Metin and illustrated by Arem Cunanan  who, I fervently hope, to get in touch with to pay homage and maybe ask permission to base my character on, even the story.

I meant to do the studies on paper, like I always do. But since I do have this graphics tablet lying around, might as well use it and see what could turn up from scratch.

Gratitudes, for pointing me to the right direction, to Mr.Gerry Alanguilan  and  Mr. Randy Valiente  both distinguished artists whom I badgered for information. Visit their sites and be blown away!

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