Thursday, May 31, 2012


What is Tether?

Found this while looking for some old movie clips for reference on fantasy and Sci-fi characters. 12 minutes and I'm hooked.

Something I do to pass the time.

Hats off to these wonderful people

Story and concept created by Sam Gorski, David Lovett, Niko Pueringer
Directed and Shot by Sam and Niko
Produced by Jake Watson, David Lovett
Production crew - Joe Tarczon, Joe Moore
Art Design - Josh Newland
Horse trainer - Amanda Fagerlund
Spaceman Costume - Dave Weimert (aka Ithica)

Jim: Ron Menzel
Hayley: Rachel Weber
Lyle: Steven Luke Schuetzle

Barker: Sasha Adreev
Davis: Nick Hansen

Horseman: Jake Watson
Frail Woman: Larissa Gritti
Spaceman: Niko Pueringer
Earl: Joe Torczon
Father: Eli Coats
Daughter: Kathryn Doers
Son: Jasper Morgan
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