Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tattooed Angel

In the hope of breathing new life on some of my earlier, unpublished (DeviantArt doesn't count, I cancelled my account before everything got too . . . fancy), I tried to process, paint and add some color to an otherwise very flat illustration. The idea then was to get rid of the  embedded "animation" style of drawing. Tough luck, while some of the habits were broken, I still draw on a makeshift lightbox (one of these days, I'll do a step by step so that you who want to make your own lighted drawing surface) and do revisions, several, and finalize a character design.

Black backgrounds are really just the easy way out. But since this is an old ilustration, I could just do that and improve the next one. 

This is 1 of two, with the other is, you might have guessed - a devil - done sometime 2006, I think.

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