Saturday, June 22, 2013

Coffee Break

 Sitting at work, my thoughts just landed on how I should approach my komiks, with the illustrations and inking style. To tell the truth, I have none. My "style" was what remained of the discipline of in-betweening animations cels, and of course, my own love affair with woodcut.

And I seem to always, sketch, and then do a clean up, check the anatomy or the detail, and then do revisions again, and again. Never trusted my own direct approach, a skill I have always envied from a friend, Aries Nario. Still, it was on coffee break that I dared to do something drastic, took an ink pen and just let the hand do the storytelling.

I went where the nib wanted to go. No pencil sketch, just pure instinct. Somewhat surprising, I liked what was finished, after 20 minutes or so.

Found out I could shift from pencil to pen, and it was not so bad afterall.

Still, I have to find my own, so that when the time comes to doing the komiks, I'm confident enough to follow through and finish my first full comics issue of DAIO.
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