Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Character Design/Development - Pha-Ett

There were stories of how Paete, Laguna got it's name. Some are really insightful, most veer towards myth and legend. There is one, however that I hold close to my heart, the one where a rampaging bull of a boar was wreaking havoc on the small towns that line the foot of Sierra Madre. Even as a child I often think of that beast a a kind of dragon, hemce the reference to mythical beasts and cryptids.

Ten times bigger than the tallest man, this Dragon Minora is one among the few guardians of the land, more will be shown here as we move along. At this stage, the only things remarkable are the tusks and thick mane, and of course, the long hairy tail.

I tend to create our own dragons differently from the European and the Oriental. And there will be changes, hoprfully for the better, before Pha-Ett appears one one of my Komiks. 

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