Monday, January 14, 2013

OT: The Matchbox

"Kristin" my 12-string Zeny Bandilla acoustic guitar is now back and sounding really good with the fixed bridge, literally, and new strings, too! Rod Stewart's Anthology is playing on my CD player, and I just got home from some tedious work tasks, and some I need to do here at home. Reheated papaitan and lefover rice from this morning's breakfast, and having coffee as I sort out the things needed to be done each night from now on.

This is my little corner of comfort. My refuge and lair. I have been writing more and drawing less, but it's all good because everything is falling into place. Good paying freelance work is just hard to come by, and then, there are some jobs that I regret accepting at the point of losing all of it to some stupid decisions, mine and my "clients". But, that's life. Either let it go or it will eat you up.

So, Sketch A day is still up and running, but I have to divide my time now with job related issues, and my other blog at Wordpress, my own Wix Website and some family matters that I could not ignore. I also had to skip my regular haunts in  +Artlandea  +io9 for fear of having to drop out of any conversation. And I don't have much to share anyway.

I'm hoping I could shift from one task to another with enough ease and occupy my time with beneficial results.

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