Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sketch A Day Dec.20

Merry Creatures 006

Getting there. But not just yet. That empty space near long-neck is driving me nuts.

Anyway, illustration is my way of easing down. Something that relaxes me. Doing simulation drawings (the kind that depicts certain incidents not caught on camera that I do for my team at TV5, where reporters rush in and write the news while me and some of my team mates rush to create something, which is often frustrating because there's always not enough time to produce good quality drawings, but it gets done) is very different. The times I do these sketches doesn't limit the canvas, pardon the pun.

And of course, even whimsical in nature, I get to draw stuff not necessarily violent in nature. Being with my badass graphics team, we get to see news reports that are often heart rending.

So I guess that is why I blog my sketches.

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