Friday, October 5, 2012

Sketch A Day - October 5

October 5
[while still feverish and throat is hurting like hell]

Managed to do some sketches while at my workstation. These days, if there are no illustrations needed for simulations, it's FCP for a running news and information channel. No particular reason, I just wanted to practice my hands, and since my graphics tablet is on the blink, might as well do some good old fashioned drawings.

This is an unfinished Grumpy Dwarf sketch, done on a used bond paper (you could still see some typed words from the backside)  11ins by 8.5ins, scanned at 150dpi, adjusted through Photoshop up to 300dpi, and the old paper texture added for effect.

Amazing how still, with some grudge I hold towards some inept people doing creative jobs, this sketch still has potential.

It's really sad, that some people don't understand the craft of creating visually pleasing images. All they know is " it's gotta beat the deadline".

Will post the finished one afterwards.

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