Saturday, September 22, 2012

Working and working some more . . .

In between my job and freelance work, I still have time to help out some students with their school project. A group of Centro Escolar University studes asked me to edit their video report about diseases, and I gladly obliged. One of them is a daughter of my dentist, also a long lost friend from way back.

Needless to say, the video clips are way out of proportion, and a bit short in some, long on others. And the sound were a bit distressing. These are students taking medical courses, and I wondered why a video presentation?

So, the video I uploaded here is the rough cut of what I want the whole thing to look. I just wished they could have gone to me sooner, maybe gave them enough points to go about their project.

And as a bonus, a video from my cellphone. Haven't been drawing much because I am doing motion graphics, a web skin for an upcoming TV5 project, some writing for my graphic novel and a lot of listening to sci-fi audiobooks.

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