Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Roxymorrons Characters

[This is a mobile phone video]

I haven't done anything new with this blog , so far. Work does have a lot to do with it. And I have been wrangling with a big poster for these guys, sort of, and I can't seem to pin down the band riding on a Vespa. So I took some steps back and did the thing over again. Starting with the character design. And it worked.

So I guess before I finish the poster, this would have to come first.The characters cab be in each separate frame, and can change postions. I should color them separately, and maybe the guys can use them as avatars or something.

Anyway, the video is from my MyPhone and added a soundtrack. Too small huh? It'll do for now. it doesn't matter, the completed work will still be posted here so with a little patience, it'll be done soon.

HAve I told you these guys are good? I have some orgiginal music from the band, but I would not want to pre-empt their release, so the generic audio should fill in for a while. The link above should redirect you to their Facebook page.

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