Saturday, June 9, 2012

Coloring 001

I was sketching characters for a band I heard -  The Roxymorrons - and was really trying to get that feel to it. But after 6 revisions I stopped and decided to practice my coloring using brush presets on Photoshop (natural brushes 1 & 2) with my Flex WSeries graphics tablet. Being a painting noob that I am, this has become another "track my progress" thing. 

Still have a lot to get used to.

But since I have nothing better to do than wrack my brains for ideas on the character designs, might as well clear the head with coloring this very old work. This pairs with the blue angel several posts ago. But I will have to finish this in a different way. A bit more refined. A contrast to the blocky illustration, but it's where the fun is.

On a different note, if you happen to see The Roxymorrons on the bill. look at the skinny, tall guy with the baby face and Jedi hair - that's Paul Bernardo - I work with him, and in addition to wielding mean guitar licks, he's a very good 3D artist.

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