Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sketch A Day 002

This drawing with a tablet is kind of funny, in a way. Not like the way we do in-betweens during my TOEI Animation days, where we used Wacom PL500s. That was an awesome experience, being a guinea pig for the development of Pencilman, a software specially made for 2D animation needs. But that was a long time ago. This time I'm learning to do things digitally. I still draw like an animator does - sketching on paper with a pencil with a lightbox underneath. And then after having been satisfied with the final sketch for about 5 revisions, only then will I be able to break out a fresh sheet and finalize the lines, depending on what I had in mind at the time.

But this time, my Flex WSeries is proving to be quite handy. But it's a different thing drawing on a separate  surface and the outcome is on the monitor. So far, I have been using the normal brushes on Photoshop, 5pt with the fill and opacity set at 75%, blend mode at multiply,with a dimension of 600px by 800px.

Unlike pencil and paper, the strokes are controlled. Draw too fast and the lines get all slow and your progress will be in slow mo. So far, I think this will have a good ending. I'm running on instinct here. Sort of playing by ear. I have to discard old habits with drawing and try to keep up with the hardware.

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